Workforce Staffing

There are many scenarios where you need a skill set for a period of time but do not have the resources or time to find the right person. Our clients trust in LSG to provide the best talent available to fill the right spot.

Our focus is the teamwork of our hiring staff along with our talented in-house engineers, programmers and project engineers. As part of the recruiting team the back office will perform the initial search including all the right screening processes. In the final steps we have technical staff perform a final screen to ensure that the candidates have the right levels of expertise based on the client's requirements and compensation expectations. No longer will you hire contractors that claim certain levels of expertise but in the end do not have the right goods.

LSG is able to add a team of contractors as needed. For example, instead of trying to make one person handle a complex job, we can provide a talented group. Why hire a security specialist, for example, for three months when we can include a security specialist as a member of your team for a few hours per week. Why hire a SalesForce programmer full time when you really need a project manager, a database manager and a security specialist along with the SalesForce programmer.

LSG manages the full life cycle of your contractor and so you can focus on what you want accomplished. The life cycle can be simple with a start date and an end date or it may be complex with for example the inclusion of a program manager and several technical specialists.