Mission Statement
With Two Decades of experience, LSG, is leading the IT Industry with support staff, tools and processes to effectively manage your network infrastructure, support key applications and also champion the end user support experience.

Our Mission: provide World Class support for your most valuable resources—your employees—by simply plugging your company into our Enterprise Class support team, structure and tools.

Our Vision: allow small to medium size businesses to plug into Enterprise class system with a small business budget.

COMPANY BACKGROUND: LSG was formed in 1992 with the mission to bring Enterprise level support to small and medium size businesses and since then we have built and supported local networks some of which have offices around the world. LSG has evolved into a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with the mission of providing IT/IS outsourcing in a comprehensive and thoughtful way. In addition, LSG has created an application that helps support in-house staff with supplemental skills, processes and solutions. In both service models, LSG's management works with the client's management to deliver the right balance on in-house and outsourced services.

HOW WE DELIVER: Teamwork is the key to our success. All of LSG's employees are long term and full time members of our team who are treated with respect and support. We deliver a team of people who are used to working together and understand that everyone contributes to achieving what no one person could. We have strong processes that allow us to deliver meaningful analysis and cogent solutions.

NEW TECHNOLOGY: At LSG we are dedicated to providing the latest stable technology for our clients. We are constantly researching and testing new solutions and are driven to deliver the best fit for any given environment. Brand loyalty is not a part of our culture; quality, performance, reliability and price are always more important than marketing. Over the past ten years we have developed a support center application that is the center of our business model. It allows us to have a real time view into the status of a client's proactive and reactive IT support needs. Because we are the developer of this solution we can (and do) modify it on a regular basis to keep it relevant to our clients business needs. As the MSP/ IT Support industry changes we will continue to evolve and set the standards for best practice

END USER SUPPORT EXPERIENCE: We go against the Industry and focus on providing the majority of our support on site with a remote support backup team.