Security Services Time For Security?
If you're not managing the security of your network daily then your network is not secure. Depending on what article you read, up to 90% of all companies are hacked. To be secure you need a plan.

  • Arm yourself with experts.
  • Always have exceptional backup in case you have to recover from a server that was compromised.
  • Go on the offensive with intrusion prevention/detection software so you will know where you are vulnerable and fix problems before they are exploited.
  • The cost of this software is far less that the cost of recovering once you've been compromised.
  • Get Enterprise-class Anti-Virus software so you'll be sure all of your servers and workstations are protected.
  • Manage all of your Operating System and Application patching and updates with an automatic system so you don't have to depend on individuals to keep their systems patched.
  • Engage LAN Service Group to get their Security experts and tools deployed to keep your company safe.